July 21, 2008


So if you're lucky enough to live in an area where there are waffle houses every so many miles, then I know you have a few tales to tell. Late night waffle house runs are one of the many things in life that bring me extreme joy. Whether it's witnessing waitresses argue over who stole who's waffle (hence the title), or being completely ignored for 15 minutes, I just can't get enough. My most recent experience allowed me to add a notch to my waffle house storybook. I was in North Carolina for the weekend, and after a party (typical) went to the local waffle house. Ok, maybe it did look a little strange being that it was a white party and all (4) of us were dressed in white. But really though, one man couldn't stop staring. He didn't even attempt to hide it. After about 5 minutes of gawking he was finally like "eff it, ima just ask". In the most country bumkin accent he proceeds to ask "excuuuuse me, why are y'all awwwll dressed in whiiite?" After explaining to him we were at a white party he looks confused. Then tells us he thought we were a singing group (I bet). His buddy then inquires "Why werent we invited". OMG! Get it!!? They were white?! Thats so funny! NOT. BTW, he continued to stare the rest of the time he was there as 2 kids ate breakfast/dinner in the booth behind us (it was 2am) and our waitress proudly donned 100+ pens (after I was dared to ask, found out they were all from customers. she's cool) stuffed in her pockets and hair while arguing with the cook. Gotta love it.


SincereAbstract said...

My Waffle House story takes place just a couple months ago, but is timeless in its entirety. But first.. the audacity of you to compare Eggo to Waffle House? You've never seen a box of 'Waffle House' waffles in the frozen section of Kroger, and you never will! Ok, so it was one of those nights where everyone's dressed up and you never go to the party :( , but we were hungry and went to Waffle House. When we get there, we notice a waitress arguing with a customer, when he suddenly picks up his card, and walks out, while she attempts to get him back to pay for the food. LOL. When we sit, guess who our waitress is? She walks over to our table, breaks out the pad and pen, fastens the most vicious ice-grill to her face, and stares at us like, "what u want". But never says anything lol. Thats enough, this is long as hell. Waffle house...

July 27, 2008 at 9:36 AM