July 27, 2008


Now I was born at night, but I wasn't born last night!* I woke up this morning to some strange person knocking on my door. Now, my policy is that if I don't know you and I'm not expecting you, I'm not opening a d@mn thing. Usually after a couple knocks and no answer the 'person' goes away. Nooooo, not this fella. He kept knocking & knocking. Under the influence of my posse, I finally was like "(WTH) who is it?!? This fool is responds "Me". Me?!? I DONT KNOW YOU! Then a conversation ensues:

Me: Who?
Slim Shady: Me
Me: WHO?!?
Slim Shady: [insert name here]
Me: Ummm...do you need somethin?
Slim Shady: Do you have a phone I can use??
Me: NO!

NOW YOU KNOW! I watch enough Law & Order, CSI, First 48, Forensic Files, etc, to know that don't even sound right. A phone? Dude, thats so cliche. This fool either had some straight criminal intent (early Sunday Morning - Ay Dios Mio!) or he was slow. I'm not one to profile, but this dude was, as my mom would say, "looking like a gangster with gang colors on" (white tee - lol). Did he really think I was gonna open the door?! In the words of mom dukes "I DON'T HAVE A PHONE, BUT I GOT A GUN!!" K is for kickin @ss on Sunday mornin'!

* I think that saying is hilarious; unfortunately I was not born @ night