August 31, 2008


OMG! When my sister and I first saw this we 'bout passed out from laughter. Well it came on again tonight and we were reminded of it's greatness. Not only at the song choice but how Vivian kills it. DO IT TO IT GIRL! LMAO!

P.S. I'm gonna start snapping at ppl like that randomly
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This is currently my moms favorite song. It's evident b/c she continues to sing it over and over (and over and over). The only problem though is that she doesn't know the words. What makes it so entertaining is that she fills this void with randomness. Of course she knows the staple "Whatever you liiiiiiiiike" but anything besides that is a mystery to her. Her version of this song varies. She relates anything she's doing to this song: "chicken, collard greens, hot sauce you can have whatever you liiiiiiiiike" or "gucci, coach, cereal  you can have whatever you liiiiiiiike". It's nice to know my mom will give me whatever I liiiiiiiiiiiiike!
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August 30, 2008


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Even me...LOL. I just learned how to maneuver Garageband so excuse the volume changes and all over ghetto-ness of the recording. I mean well. My H4L* sent me the track and I attempted to talk about something that wasn't all jokes. I'm just a rapper on the weekends and holidays though. Hate it or love it.

*homie 4 life
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August 28, 2008


Like for real, for real. I'm sick - I feel like crap. I also wanted an excuse to post this craziness. This fool really thinks he's a Martian. AY DIOS MIO! I have no words for that jacked up spacesuit. But I should not be surprised. "No liquor, just pain killas and prometha, young Eckerds". Ohhhh...I can tell. But I think 'Young Rite Aid' would be more appropriate. Cause this fool needs some aid RIGHT NOW! I can't shake my head and laugh at it like I want to or I'll be laid back out in my bed :-(. Luckily, antibiotics are awesome.
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August 26, 2008


I love Martin! Whenever I need a pick me up I pop in my Season 2 DVD and proceed to crack up. My homegirl and I recite lines from this episode all the time. If you don't find any part of this clip funny you are truly certified wack. You're welcome.
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Remember back in the day when tapes were it. I had a lunch box full of tapes - and I thought I was pretty cool (SMH). Fall is on the horizon (which is my FAV season) and usually around that time I get all nostalgic and start thinking about random things. Well on this gloomy, partially rainy day I started to think about different songs that triggered different memories. I know everybody has certain songs where they can relate either when they heard it or what it reminds them of. I have more than a few, but i'll list a couple in particular that made me smile to myself. Get your limewire itunes fired up! :-)

The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Keith Murray) - If 'bootylicious' can get in the dictionary, why not 'beautifullest'? Anyway, I remember being in a music store back in the day and sneaking and buying this single. I played this joint out! I guess this was the start of my affinity for rap. I was always prim and proper - esp in middle school, so when people heard me rapping lyrics to atypical ish, I always got funny looks. Still happens to this day. LOL

Thug Luv (Tupac ft. Bone) - In my hometown they had this teen club that was the jump-off! My grandma (she's so cool) used to take my cousins and I, and we got crunk! LOL @ when this song came on everybody would act like they had a gun and start faux shooting in the air. Definite party starter...and ender. You know someone always ended up fighting. This came out around the time No Limit was runnin thaaangs, so everytime I think of this song I think of HOW YA DO DAT DERE! Yeah, and this was one of the times we got crunk cause P said "South Car-lina" Haha!

Ride The Rodeo (Crucial Conflit) - Mom, if you're reading this, you were SO wrong for confiscating my crucial conflict CD (it was big ish to have CDs back then). That was just dead wrong. After the confiscation, I was hoping and praying they would play this on the radio. And to my excitement, THEY DID! I needed it on my mixtape (literally) for our field trip the next day to see a play. Yeah, i'm cultured. We were riding out and I had my 'Ride the Rodeo' and 'No Diggity' on (tape) deck...aka repeat aka rewind and play again.

Butta Love (Next) - Memories of being at the state fair Tommy Hilfiger'd OUT! You know back in the day everybody had one of those d@mn Tommy Hil jackets. I had like 3. Why, I don't know. Those things were so flimsy and couldnt take but so much rain before they got soaked. Boo! I was such a TH junkie and tomboy. Funnel cakes, boy watching and butta love.

Who Can I Run To (Xscape) - So I still listen to this on a regular basis b/c I'm still trying to figure out the answer to this question. *eli pause* Anywho, in 7th grade I laid in my bed and played this over and over after my boyfriend and I broke up. HILARIOUS! I had the biggest crush on him though. Even walked that fool to his bus! Matter of fact, after we broke up, he wanted me back (don't they always), and I was like NO! He moved away and my cipher kept movin like a rolling stone.
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August 25, 2008


Oh no JoJo! You ever wonder why people don't take their own advice?? Yeah, me too. What in "hooooooooooo yeahhhh" hell is going on?! Passing out/falling on stage is like the new black. Why did the bodyguard just scoop up the mic like "uh oh...there he go again". And why did K-Ci look back like "...this n***a." There is too much going on for me to process in this clip. And people wondered why I refused to go to the K-Ci & JoJo show in Minneapolis. I can pay my little sister $5 and she'll do a better job of entertaining me. She'd even make the fall more memorable.

[1]Back in the day when Jodeci was fi-ya. Where's a time machine?
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This is mad old, but I always get a sense of surprise and shock when I watch it (over and over). If I was like 5 and this showed up to my party for the entertainment...I would run. FAST. BTW, where's Dora's neck? I'll put out an APB.

With that being said, if you want to scare treat a family member to a wonderful show as demonstrated above, holla @ em:

*laughing hysterically @ the jumps, crypt walk and throwing up of sets.
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August 24, 2008


If I didn't already enjoy my church so much, I might be checkin for Rev. X. Maybe next lifetime. Long hair don't care!

Then you shall cry and the Lord shall say....HERE I GO! HERE I GO!

....too much. Jesus be a t-shirt, dentist and choreographer. Amen.
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August 22, 2008


For all the tv shows I hated and had to watch b/c of you
For all the places I didn't get to go
For all the times I got yelled at over something you did
For all the times I got in trouble for laughing at you
For all the babysitting I had to do
For all the toys I tripped over
For all the attention I didn't get are appreciated

J/ guys are awesome even though you don't read my blog like I ask you to AND after I give both of you heffas money. That's why I took all the melanin! Life was awesome up until age 5.

I keed, I keed! If you have siblings I hope they're like mine. They're totally outrageous and I know I can always go to them for.............ummm, moral support? Yeah, that. Oh, and also if I want to get clowned consistently. I have to admit, my youngest sister is funnier than I am (I don't know if that says much) and my middle sister is making me look like a dunce since she is KILLIN it in (honors) college. The joy of siblings! ♥
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Well I'll be d@mned. How many Vibe covers is Jigga going to have?? (there's more where these came from) My vote for the next cover: a silhouette. I mean, I think Jay-Z is great and all but ummm, I've seen enough scowls to last me a lifetime. My mother told me if I didn't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Thats why I'm not going to say that on a scale of 1-5, he's rating his appearance on one hand and his lyrical talent on the other in the last pic. You be the judge. If you feelin' like a pimp n*cca, go'n brush your shoulders off!!

P.S. Don't forget that boy told you GET, THAT, DIRT OF YA SHOULDERS!
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August 21, 2008


I find it very interesting that there is no limit to where and when someone will try to holla. I think it's extremely entertaining when it's done on the road (i.e. traffic light, driving DOWN the interstate, pulling into gas station, etc). Never ceases to amaze or entertain me. Like the time I was driving down the interstate and a car full of guys pulled up next to me showing me and pointing at their cell phones. WTF?! I got a cell phone too, fool. Do you think I'm going to attempt to communicate with you while goin 75+ mph? No sir. Or that one time when I was at a stop light and was offered a car wash. LOL! On to my most recent experience. On my way to work (yeah, I do that), I usually get my make-up artist on. I'm responsible like that - I only put makeup on at stop lights and in the slow lane. Anyway...clearly minding my own business. Once I finish, I feel like somebodys waaaaaatchin meeeee. I look over to the left, to the left and some dude is motioning me to roll down my window. (When people do that I always think something is wrong with my car & it's about to blow up - so please...DON'T):

Dude: You don't have to do that.

Me: Do what?

Dude: That. *gestures patting make up on face*

Me: HA. HA. (sarcasm)

Dude: You fiiiiine enough already.

Me: Thanks. *forced smile while rolling up window


Just say no to automobile audibles.

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August 20, 2008


This is KINDA weird...

"The body of deceased Angel Pantoja Medina, left, stands leaning against a wall during his wake as unidentified people attend his wake in his mother's home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Monday, Aug. 18, 2008. The last wish of Medina, 24, who was found dead on Aug. 15, 2008 underneath a bridge in the capital, was to be standing at his own wake, and was embalmed for the occasion."

I see ya baby throw ya hands up high if you wanna come a kick it with a stand up guy!! Really though - how was this his last wish when he was FOUND dead? When did this topic of discussion come up? At the dinner table? A night on the town? After watching First 48? I'm sorry...I just don't get it.

*I am so mad @ the fitted, dolce glasses & pose. If y'all fresh to death, then he's seriously. He is.

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August 19, 2008


1. I watch this at least once a day.
2. I'm stealing the background dancers moves
3. I'm getting the swiss cheese suit for Halloween
4. I'm cop'n that lipstick & liner. I'm sure it's called "Powdered Donut" or some ish like that
5. I'm going to start calling everybody (including my mother) "Miss Honaaaay"

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LOL! Whats worse than this? The other Brinks commercial where the man KICKS the front door in Jet-Li style. Oh really now? Thats how ppl breakin in houses?! BOY STOP!
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The home of smiling racist faces and beautiful places. Although I might complain and talk sh!t about my home state, I can't front - sometimes I miss it. I remember in high school we'd (maybe like me and 2 other people) get all crunk when a rapper would yell out "South Carolina" How lame. [[I still do that]] But sometimes I just sit and think about the things I miss & love about my state...*cue ripply fade out

1. The state fair. Somebody got shot like every year.
2. Debates about the confederate flag. How entertaining.
3. I love the fact that there are like 10,000 nicknames and abbreviations. (i.e. south cak, south crack, south wack, south cackalacky (my sisters fav), $¢ {if it dont make dollars, it dont make sense - chea!}, etc)
4. Miss Teen South Carolina is slow & still placed for Miss Teen USA
5. We have yet to have a popular rapper represent us - so we try to claim everybody else.
6. Michael Jackson owns the rights to the State anthem "Carolina". He's bad!
7. People claiming their area code like it is it's own state. 843 HOE!
8. The accents...whoa. *glad I grew out of mine.
9. That d@mn palmetto tree on every other car.
10. Getting obscenly offended, crunk & ready to fight when somebody confuses it with North Carolina.

I could go on forever, but I think 10 is a good number. It IS the state's average ACT score. HA! Just kidding.

"North Car-lina, SOUTH CAR-LINA, fool we don't care!" ~ Master P

**leave a comment if you rep the best state on earth (yeah, I said it) and know of something I didn't put up
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August 18, 2008


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Not only does Micheal Phelps have like a milli, a milli, a milli, a milli gold medals, he's gangsta like me! When asked about what's on his ipod:

"I listen to hip hop and rap to sort of help me get focused, to get ready to get up and do what I'm there do. It helps me to tune everything out, and take one step at time. A lot of the new stuff is what I have on my MP3 player. I don't really have any favorites, but right now, it might be Young Jeezy; I just listen to whatever comes on...."

Young Jeezy!? Thats the homie! Just ask Soulja Girl. Now Phelps is up on America's favorite styrofoam cup junkie.

"What did I have on today? I think I had Lil Wayne, 'I’m Me.' I think I had that on there."

Look @ that pic! He's a beast, he's a dog, he's a muthaf!@#*$ problem - ok you're a goon but whats a goon to a goblin!?!?!?
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August 17, 2008


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"If you a fly gal, get your nails done/Get a pedicure, get your hair did"

Best constructed sentence & advice I've ever heard in my life.
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August 15, 2008


I shouldn't of left you...without a dope beat (read) to step to...

It's only been a couple days, but in the world of blogging thats like 6 months. I've been lazy and traveling and kinda just dropped the ball. But I'm going to pick it back up and run with it like Marion Jones. Wait...nevermind. Anywho, let me give a small update:

1. I got a new hairstyle, but it wasn't what I envisioned. Whatever.
2. I got through security at the airport with an expired passport and no drivers license (wth). But I left, got the license I intelligently forgot and came back - legally. (The day after that incident this came out. The jokes write themselves.
3. I was reminded how much I hate flying.
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August 11, 2008

ON 9.25.08

Its coming baaaaaaaaaaack. Yesssss!! MARCO! POLO!
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Does anybody have a Marco Polo Parking Pass I can borrow? I wanna paaar-ty!!

"Do you wanna get with me the question is rhetorical" -Soulja Boy

I don't know about that SB. My answer is MARCO, HELL NO!!

*doing peek-a-boo hand movements
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August 10, 2008


When the Olympics come around, I don't get too excited, but I love watching gymnastics being that I was a former gymnast (yea...a long time ago). It's interesting to watch b/c they have sports I didn't even know were "Olympic" certified. Anywho...while I was getting my gymnastics fix tonight, they stopped and had an interview with George Bush. WTF? Why?? What sport is he an expert on? Somebody please let me know. The facial expressions and dialogue alone were worth the interview. The highlight - when the interviewer told Dubya, "You are dismissed". LMAO!
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August 8, 2008


I wonder how many weddings took place and/or lottery tickets bought today? Hmmmmmm....
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August 7, 2008


If you're a post-grad like me, you might or might not know how hard it is to meet people after college. I've heard plenty of my friends state how they miss college and would go back to experience it, etc, etc. Pshhhhh....NOT ME! I don't miss those rusty dorms, being broke, repetitive dining hall food, homework, or failing grades. WOMP WOMP! What I do miss though is the social aspect. In college you can meet new people everyday whether or not you want to. In the "real world" if you don't have many people your age/sex @ work (the life of a female engineer) it gets pretty difficult. Meeting new people has become a Real World/Road Rules challenge. I'm not breaking my neck to accompish the goal...but it'll be nice to get a prize. Cool people are like good men Osama Bin Laden - hard to find. LOL

[1] Don't act like y'all don't remember that Big Pun (RIP) song w/ my homie Donell!

Off topic, but I saw this quote and it rang so true to me so I thought I'd share:
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
You never know what struggles people are facing and what others are going through. Love, peace and happiness!!
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August 6, 2008


& I'm not talking about the artist or the hometown of legendary greats (i.e Trick Daddy, Rossssssssss, Trina, Pretty shitty Ricky, etc). I was missing in action but I'm back like cooked crack baby, babyyyy. I was having somewhat of a mental episode (Hey, I'm just a girl), but it's all good now. We all have our moments and sometimes it takes a lil ice cream and some family to pick you back up.

"We learned our lesson from the start
My sisters and me
The only thing you can depend on
Is your family
Life's gonna drop you down like the limbs from a tree
It sways and it swings and it bends until it makes you see"

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OMG! Somebody get me one of these for...*thinking of next holiday*...Labor Day. Thanks.
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August 1, 2008


Yesterday was the 'anniversary' of the 35-W bridge collapse in Minnesota. Why am I writing about this you might ask. Well, I lived about 10 miles away from this bridge at the time & I swear I have never received that many txts messages/phone calls/e-mails in my life. It's interesting that when something like this happens you hear from people that you haven't talked to in years. It's crazy b/c although I didn't take that bridge on a daily basis, I had been across it more than a couple times. It could've fallen then. Moral of the story - touch base with people before disaster strikes, don't sweat the small stuff and be thankful that you're here....on earth that is. :-)
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