August 19, 2008


The home of smiling racist faces and beautiful places. Although I might complain and talk sh!t about my home state, I can't front - sometimes I miss it. I remember in high school we'd (maybe like me and 2 other people) get all crunk when a rapper would yell out "South Carolina" How lame. [[I still do that]] But sometimes I just sit and think about the things I miss & love about my state...*cue ripply fade out

1. The state fair. Somebody got shot like every year.
2. Debates about the confederate flag. How entertaining.
3. I love the fact that there are like 10,000 nicknames and abbreviations. (i.e. south cak, south crack, south wack, south cackalacky (my sisters fav), $¢ {if it dont make dollars, it dont make sense - chea!}, etc)
4. Miss Teen South Carolina is slow & still placed for Miss Teen USA
5. We have yet to have a popular rapper represent us - so we try to claim everybody else.
6. Michael Jackson owns the rights to the State anthem "Carolina". He's bad!
7. People claiming their area code like it is it's own state. 843 HOE!
8. The accents...whoa. *glad I grew out of mine.
9. That d@mn palmetto tree on every other car.
10. Getting obscenly offended, crunk & ready to fight when somebody confuses it with North Carolina.

I could go on forever, but I think 10 is a good number. It IS the state's average ACT score. HA! Just kidding.

"North Car-lina, SOUTH CAR-LINA, fool we don't care!" ~ Master P

**leave a comment if you rep the best state on earth (yeah, I said it) and know of something I didn't put up