August 7, 2008


If you're a post-grad like me, you might or might not know how hard it is to meet people after college. I've heard plenty of my friends state how they miss college and would go back to experience it, etc, etc. Pshhhhh....NOT ME! I don't miss those rusty dorms, being broke, repetitive dining hall food, homework, or failing grades. WOMP WOMP! What I do miss though is the social aspect. In college you can meet new people everyday whether or not you want to. In the "real world" if you don't have many people your age/sex @ work (the life of a female engineer) it gets pretty difficult. Meeting new people has become a Real World/Road Rules challenge. I'm not breaking my neck to accompish the goal...but it'll be nice to get a prize. Cool people are like good men Osama Bin Laden - hard to find. LOL

[1] Don't act like y'all don't remember that Big Pun (RIP) song w/ my homie Donell!

Off topic, but I saw this quote and it rang so true to me so I thought I'd share:
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
You never know what struggles people are facing and what others are going through. Love, peace and happiness!!