August 22, 2008


For all the tv shows I hated and had to watch b/c of you
For all the places I didn't get to go
For all the times I got yelled at over something you did
For all the times I got in trouble for laughing at you
For all the babysitting I had to do
For all the toys I tripped over
For all the attention I didn't get are appreciated

J/ guys are awesome even though you don't read my blog like I ask you to AND after I give both of you heffas money. That's why I took all the melanin! Life was awesome up until age 5.

I keed, I keed! If you have siblings I hope they're like mine. They're totally outrageous and I know I can always go to them for.............ummm, moral support? Yeah, that. Oh, and also if I want to get clowned consistently. I have to admit, my youngest sister is funnier than I am (I don't know if that says much) and my middle sister is making me look like a dunce since she is KILLIN it in (honors) college. The joy of siblings! ♥