August 26, 2008


Remember back in the day when tapes were it. I had a lunch box full of tapes - and I thought I was pretty cool (SMH). Fall is on the horizon (which is my FAV season) and usually around that time I get all nostalgic and start thinking about random things. Well on this gloomy, partially rainy day I started to think about different songs that triggered different memories. I know everybody has certain songs where they can relate either when they heard it or what it reminds them of. I have more than a few, but i'll list a couple in particular that made me smile to myself. Get your limewire itunes fired up! :-)

The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Keith Murray) - If 'bootylicious' can get in the dictionary, why not 'beautifullest'? Anyway, I remember being in a music store back in the day and sneaking and buying this single. I played this joint out! I guess this was the start of my affinity for rap. I was always prim and proper - esp in middle school, so when people heard me rapping lyrics to atypical ish, I always got funny looks. Still happens to this day. LOL

Thug Luv (Tupac ft. Bone) - In my hometown they had this teen club that was the jump-off! My grandma (she's so cool) used to take my cousins and I, and we got crunk! LOL @ when this song came on everybody would act like they had a gun and start faux shooting in the air. Definite party starter...and ender. You know someone always ended up fighting. This came out around the time No Limit was runnin thaaangs, so everytime I think of this song I think of HOW YA DO DAT DERE! Yeah, and this was one of the times we got crunk cause P said "South Car-lina" Haha!

Ride The Rodeo (Crucial Conflit) - Mom, if you're reading this, you were SO wrong for confiscating my crucial conflict CD (it was big ish to have CDs back then). That was just dead wrong. After the confiscation, I was hoping and praying they would play this on the radio. And to my excitement, THEY DID! I needed it on my mixtape (literally) for our field trip the next day to see a play. Yeah, i'm cultured. We were riding out and I had my 'Ride the Rodeo' and 'No Diggity' on (tape) deck...aka repeat aka rewind and play again.

Butta Love (Next) - Memories of being at the state fair Tommy Hilfiger'd OUT! You know back in the day everybody had one of those d@mn Tommy Hil jackets. I had like 3. Why, I don't know. Those things were so flimsy and couldnt take but so much rain before they got soaked. Boo! I was such a TH junkie and tomboy. Funnel cakes, boy watching and butta love.

Who Can I Run To (Xscape) - So I still listen to this on a regular basis b/c I'm still trying to figure out the answer to this question. *eli pause* Anywho, in 7th grade I laid in my bed and played this over and over after my boyfriend and I broke up. HILARIOUS! I had the biggest crush on him though. Even walked that fool to his bus! Matter of fact, after we broke up, he wanted me back (don't they always), and I was like NO! He moved away and my cipher kept movin like a rolling stone.