August 20, 2008


This is KINDA weird...

"The body of deceased Angel Pantoja Medina, left, stands leaning against a wall during his wake as unidentified people attend his wake in his mother's home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Monday, Aug. 18, 2008. The last wish of Medina, 24, who was found dead on Aug. 15, 2008 underneath a bridge in the capital, was to be standing at his own wake, and was embalmed for the occasion."

I see ya baby throw ya hands up high if you wanna come a kick it with a stand up guy!! Really though - how was this his last wish when he was FOUND dead? When did this topic of discussion come up? At the dinner table? A night on the town? After watching First 48? I'm sorry...I just don't get it.

*I am so mad @ the fitted, dolce glasses & pose. If y'all fresh to death, then he's seriously. He is.