August 21, 2008


I find it very interesting that there is no limit to where and when someone will try to holla. I think it's extremely entertaining when it's done on the road (i.e. traffic light, driving DOWN the interstate, pulling into gas station, etc). Never ceases to amaze or entertain me. Like the time I was driving down the interstate and a car full of guys pulled up next to me showing me and pointing at their cell phones. WTF?! I got a cell phone too, fool. Do you think I'm going to attempt to communicate with you while goin 75+ mph? No sir. Or that one time when I was at a stop light and was offered a car wash. LOL! On to my most recent experience. On my way to work (yeah, I do that), I usually get my make-up artist on. I'm responsible like that - I only put makeup on at stop lights and in the slow lane. Anyway...clearly minding my own business. Once I finish, I feel like somebodys waaaaaatchin meeeee. I look over to the left, to the left and some dude is motioning me to roll down my window. (When people do that I always think something is wrong with my car & it's about to blow up - so please...DON'T):

Dude: You don't have to do that.

Me: Do what?

Dude: That. *gestures patting make up on face*

Me: HA. HA. (sarcasm)

Dude: You fiiiiine enough already.

Me: Thanks. *forced smile while rolling up window


Just say no to automobile audibles.