October 27, 2008


I think that should be the new slogan. The 'Vote or Die' campaign was so '04. Let's upgrade people. Pictured you will see me signing the forms to obtain my absentee ballot (proof just in case anyone thinks my mom forged it and tries to send her to jail). It's my civic duty! Nothing like handling important business at Burger King. Woo Ha - Got you all in check!
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October 24, 2008


It's my homie's birthday today and I'm sure he'd want a cake just like this. LOL! Flyness.

"I'm too G so I stay Gucci signed out" -Fab
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Beaufort High sweeps final tri-match

Published Fri, Oct 24, 2008 12:00 AM

Blake Banner insists that she brought no plans for redemption into Thursday's tri-match after Beaufort High School endured its first and only Region 8-AAAA loss two days earlier to Summerville.

"Honestly, this match wasn't even close to making up for (Tuesday's loss)," the junior said.

It sure didn't look like it.

Banner buried Battery Creek High School with one kill and seven straight aces to open the final match at Battery Creek, setting the tone for the Eagles' 25-7, 25-7 sweep of the Dolphins. Beaufort also defeated Goose Creek 25-15, 25-4, while the Dolphins beat the Gators for the second time this week 25-18, 25-12.

Serving proved to be a strong point for the Eagles, who kept the Dolphins at bay with precise shots that left Battery Creek diving to cover the holes within its formations.

After Banner set the tone, Deja Jackson and Andrea Fabian teamed up to secure the win, recording seven kills and eight assists, respectively, to open up nine- and seven-point runs.



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October 23, 2008


In the form of a shoe. My blog seems to be becoming so materialistic. I'm no sneakerhead, but back in the day these were the HOTNESS! Not to mention in middle school I had the BIGGEST crush on Anfernee Hardaway (& Allen Iverson & Byron from the group MISTA, but that's neither here nor there). I did always wonder if his mother was trying to name him 'Anthony' but wasn't in her right mind. Anywho, these shoes bring back memories of middle school and the importance of having cool shoes. Kids are so cruel. I can't believe people got teased for having "bo bo skips"...wtf is a "bo bo skip"?? Well due to these reasons, I had to cop em. Thank goodness I found them in my size! If you want some fly ish hit up my homie aka Bootleg Bobby Valentino: http://corpstat.blogspot.com
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October 21, 2008


This has "K" written all over it. Gotta have it! After this I'll fall back - I'm becoming an addict - and since addicts usually just transfer their addictions....more tatts!
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October 20, 2008


My new (beautiful) watch. Eff yo watch Laurie Ann Gibson! This one is better - I'm so cool.
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I talked like a nerd, Alexis talked A LOT and Blake couldn't talk at all. Awesome.
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October 18, 2008


...because it is one. My first! Tatt tatt tatted up...
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October 14, 2008


Palin mistakenly scolds her own supporters

RICHMOND, Virginia (CNN) – Sarah Palin mistakenly reprimanded her own supporters at an outdoor rally in Richmond on Friday after they started yelling that they couldn’t hear the candidate.

The vice presidential candidate apparently mistook them for some of the anti-war protesters that have disrupted some of her previous events.

“I would hope at least that those protestors have the courage and the honor of thanking our veterans for giving them the right to protest,” Palin told them, drawing a roar from the crowd.


You tell em girl! This was in Richmond and I missed it?! I love comedy shows, I should've attended. Now on some real ish...I don't care whether you're Republican, Democrat, Independent, Dependent, Schizophrenic, whatever - anybody with sense has to see that this lady is clearly NOT VP material. I mean....wth?!

I WILL vote for a Gigolo '08 remix with R. Kelly & Sarah Palin. Fi-ya!

It's the pied piper y'all!
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October 13, 2008


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Lil Stacked Styrofoam Cup celebrated his b-day the other day and guess what Beatrice the Birdman aka Baby aka Weezy's Daddy aka Nobody Gives a Damn got him!?! I bet you can't guess....A MILLION DOLLARS! Not only did he give him a million in cash, but it was presented in a Louis V briefcase. It doesn't get any classier than that people! Forget your recession...Cash Money is livin large. Everbody take note - my birthday is in March. Start saving up now. I'm a simple kind of girl - I don't need a Louis briefcase, I'll take it stuffed in some brown paper bags. That's the remiiiiix baaaaaaa-baaay....
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Stick em up

Honestly, the current economic issues have not really effected me *knocking on wood*, but I think part of that is b/c I still possess tendencies of a broke college student. The crazy thing about it though, is that I enjoy it! I'm pretty simple when it comes to certain things so I'll share some of my lifestyle habits with you, then maybe, just maybe it might come in handy when times get a lil rough.

1. Eating habits. Sometimes I eat bagels for dinner. Other times I might eat a cup o noodles. A lot of times I eat spaghettios. You might be thinking, dang, can you not afford real food?! Actually, I can. I just enjoy these simple delicacies. Bagels will probably run you $1.50 for a pack of 5. Thats dinner for a week!! Cup o noodles - $0.40 and spaghettios $1.00. You can't beat that! By the way, it's not really healthy to eat solely these items. Soooo you might want to throw in some vegetables or somethin.

2. Ladies (& some men) : Why spend all that money going to get your nails and toes done. Quit being lazy and do them your d@mn self!! I paint my nails a different color at least twice a week - and its free. It also teaches me patience. Sure I struggle since I'm not ambidextrous, my right hand might always look better than my left, and I curse when I smear my polish, but it's very relaxing. Try it sometime.

3. I cut off my air condition. Buy a fan - and aim it directly at your face. There's nothing better! My bill has been cut in half.

4. Steal gas. Haha, just kidding.

5. Don't give money to homeless people or charity. Might seem harsh, but Remember people, like Jeezy said, IT'S A RECESSION, EVERYBODY BROKE!!
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October 12, 2008


So I was bumming around on youtube like I usually do and I came across THIS. WTH!? First I was confused, then I was in awe, then I couldn't get enough. I kept clicking on related videos and wanted to see more and more of this....'dancing' to figure out wtf was goin on. Well, it's actually 'vouging' and I'm determined to break this sh!t out next time I go to the club. Yeah, it originated from the gay scene, but I'm about to bring this ish mainstream! Now all I need to do is hire somebody to record me, scream "WORK B1TCH!", "YEEEEAH" & make screeching cat sound effects. Any takers?
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October 10, 2008



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October 3, 2008


President Bush signs the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 in the Oval Office

He didn't even read that....
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According to Google, it's what is pictured above. Not Johnny Appleseed McCain. Sarah Palin, we don't believe you, you need more people...and a new voice/accent. I think T-Pain's vocoder would be a step in the right direction. Somebody make it happen ASAP! That way I won't have to cringe when she's ducking and dodging answering questions.
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October 1, 2008


I absolutely love fall and the festivities (Halloween, thanksgiving, state fairs, etc) that go along with it. The weather has been screaming "Its fall!" recently and for some reason it puts me in the best of moods. I'm in an extremely happy mood today :-) Go Fall! LOL
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