October 13, 2008


Stick em up

Honestly, the current economic issues have not really effected me *knocking on wood*, but I think part of that is b/c I still possess tendencies of a broke college student. The crazy thing about it though, is that I enjoy it! I'm pretty simple when it comes to certain things so I'll share some of my lifestyle habits with you, then maybe, just maybe it might come in handy when times get a lil rough.

1. Eating habits. Sometimes I eat bagels for dinner. Other times I might eat a cup o noodles. A lot of times I eat spaghettios. You might be thinking, dang, can you not afford real food?! Actually, I can. I just enjoy these simple delicacies. Bagels will probably run you $1.50 for a pack of 5. Thats dinner for a week!! Cup o noodles - $0.40 and spaghettios $1.00. You can't beat that! By the way, it's not really healthy to eat solely these items. Soooo you might want to throw in some vegetables or somethin.

2. Ladies (& some men) : Why spend all that money going to get your nails and toes done. Quit being lazy and do them your d@mn self!! I paint my nails a different color at least twice a week - and its free. It also teaches me patience. Sure I struggle since I'm not ambidextrous, my right hand might always look better than my left, and I curse when I smear my polish, but it's very relaxing. Try it sometime.

3. I cut off my air condition. Buy a fan - and aim it directly at your face. There's nothing better! My bill has been cut in half.

4. Steal gas. Haha, just kidding.

5. Don't give money to homeless people or charity. Might seem harsh, but Remember people, like Jeezy said, IT'S A RECESSION, EVERYBODY BROKE!!