December 8, 2008


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December 5, 2008


I don't want short hair anymore. It was cool for like....a month. Right now its cold outside and I find myself wearing scarves all the time. Not to mention I don't even know what to do with it. Recently I've been rocking the 'stingy ponytail' as my friends used to call it in school. If you don't know what that is....use your imagination. But it's totally not awesome. I'm in hair purgatory. It's not long enough to make a decent ponytail, and it's not short enough to look 'old school Halle cute' - and I refuse to go shorter. Looks like I'll be taking tips from Britney. "Throw some weave on that....."
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December 2, 2008


I looked at the count of posts for November, and I made a whopping 5. Five? Out of 30 days in the month?! That is extra slackness. I don't even have an excuse this time. I'll just blame it on the rain like Milli Vanilli
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First of all, Happy Belated Thanksgiving and all that jazz. while I was on I-95 for what it felt like10,000 hrs of my life, I had time to reflect on a couple things. Well, ONE main thing really. How does random ish end up in the middle of the interstate? Ok, its expected to see an animal with it's insides on the outside (I swear it looked like the thing exploded) or a fender (or 2), but other than that, how and why would anything else be there? Why did I see a chair sitting in the median of the interstate? It was as if somebody just got finished giving a lap dance and decided they no longer needed it. Positioned perfectly upright, mid-median, like it was meant to be there. Also, why is there always ONE shoe (if any) on the side of the road. You never see 2 of the same shoe. Why is there a shoe chillin on the side of the interstate anyway?? People please get it together! Do some people decide they just don't want certain things in their car and proceed to just throw them out? If you have a truck, please tie your ish down! I should not be seeing random articles of clothing and/or household furniture while I am trying to have a scenic drive. Vent over.
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