December 20, 2009


My (k)new blog is up and running! I've thought over and over about keeping 2 blogs, but that would be waaaaay too much going on. I will keep this blog up just for reference, sh1ts and giggles, but this will be my last post. Blogger, it's been real. The Knew 11 blog will still be full of randomness and personal accounts, but at the same time the focus will be on the line. Hot sh1t to come. Go ahead and bookmark me now :

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December 5, 2009


*said in my Professor Hinkle from Frosty the Snowman voice

Yo, I've been so busy working on my line ( that I've neglected my blog! Oops I did it again. My bad. I don't even know if anybody reads this thing, but if so, just know I'm working diligently. I'll be back like I never left very soon. Hollllllaaaa!

*What I'm wearing : KNEW 11 'SMPTE Color Bars' brooch & 'Goldmine' sunglasses. :-)
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November 26, 2009


Special ring I made for my sis. I think I'm going to make it available and call it Barbarella. Ow!
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Soldier of Love in 2010.
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November 17, 2009


My sister is in the paper YET AGAIN, but this time with some super fruity awesome news. She signed to South Carolina State to play volleyball...........ON A FULL SCHOLARSHIP! How cool is that?! Man, if my college had been paid for I would've been swag surfing all the way to the bank. Any other scholarships she gets will be money in her pocket. Who's happy and proud? I am. Who's probably more proud and happier? My parents. No money out of their pockets. I guess things just got better and better as the kids got older. I lost my LIFE scholarship, my middle sister kept hers, now my younger sister gets the LIFE Scholarship AND a full ride. Gets no bettttaaaa. Check out the article here
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November 13, 2009


How am I spending my Friday night you ask? Just listening to Marvin Gaye, brainstoming - trying to come up w/ hot sh1t and experimenting ways to get bling w/o the buck. I have some crazy dope ish for y'all! Everyday I'm hustlin, everyday I'm hustlin...

Not to mention the weather sucks thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ida :-(. That Ida hoe needs to go back to making potatoes.

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November 12, 2009


My line of jewelry/accessories is shaping up! I'm so inspired by all the designers doing big things right now - just a little frustrated. When you have great ideas and a vision, you want it to happen ASAP. But the truth is, the process takes time. It's very frustrating because it seems like it's all moving so slow. Slowly, but surely. It's also a challenge because I'm a one woman show. I'm my own web designer, jewelry designer, photographer, buyer and accountant. Plus I have a full-time gig. Difficult takes a day, impossible takes (a couple of) week(s). The pic above shows two of my fav rings I've done so far. The Disco Inferno and Space Age rings. I'm sure you've seen 3 finger rings before, but I'm really trying to do something different. Just a couple facts about the line I'll share:

-My mind is all over the place, there will be all kinds of crazy unique accessories available for those bold enough to wear them. You'll see a mix of swarovski, cz, mirror, natural crystals & pearls, ammunition, chains, studs, legos, etc. I'm so down to Mars..
-I was inspired to start this a while ago, but the day it clicked I was in the mall and in less than 2 hours I recieved 4 compliments/inquiries on a pair of earrings I created. If people like it, they'll buy it....right? lol
-The accessories will all be named after songs, movies, quotes and/or events. I always say I can narrate my life through song titles/lyrics - I can do the same w/ my line :-). There will also be a lot of humor - that's just my personality. Ask any of my friends...I'm a wild and crazy kid.
-I'll probably (if time allows) add new items pretty often. I'm only limited by my imagination
-Some pieces are limited b/c some materials are rare and/or difficult to obtain (i.e. that rock on my finger like a tumor)

Anyway, I'm pretty geeked up about launching this in 2010 (no exact date set yet). Times like this I wish I lived in New York or L.A *sigh. I hope people enjoy and I hope people are ready. Hell, my mama likes it.

Yours Truly,

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November 9, 2009


Bangs wants to "Take U To Da Movies". You can skip me, reverse back to you and I'll even draw four. You're welcome.

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I swear Atlanta can't catch a break. SMH. In the words of Trina & Lady Gaga, "let them hoes fight". I mean the female to male ratio is like 5:1. *Kanye shrug
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November 4, 2009


I paint my face.

Jemma Kidd liquid liner in Covert (stays on too long. even when you try to scrub it off -thumbs down )
MAC Plum Dressing Shadow
Medusas Makeup New Wave

MAC Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass - pic doesn't do it justice

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In my quest for bright shoes, I came across several before I decided on the Silver Supras (almost all sold out now). I was even considering some clunky @ss Doc Martens just b/c of the color but couldn't decide if I hated or loved them. Luckily my search came to an end when I found these in my size. Awe.some.
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November 3, 2009



You must regret the day that you left me....

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The 6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows set which was actually more impressive in the store, but I can work with it and Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass (the one in the middle, 2nd pic - stunning!). During the holidays they always come out with new sets and products. My downfall.
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November 2, 2009


I don't know where this fetish came from. I'm not even a hat person [I love to see guys in fitteds though :-)], but I've found myself wanting to buy a couple - And I mean a couple literally. I know I'm not going to wear hats often, so no need to buy several. I bought the classic Yankees hat the other day (shout out to Jay), but I want one more. These 2 have caught my eye. So cute! Fitteds with a girly touch - right up my alley! Decisions, decisions.

*Edited to add - The valentine's hat is no longer available. Came out Valentines day as a limited edition. WTF Frowney Face.

*Edited again...My sis voted for the valentine's hat and I'm extremely partial to that one. I think I found one in my size! LOL Smiley Face!
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November 1, 2009


I've been looking for my perfect skin care regimen for awhile now, but could never find anything that worked for my oily skin. Since my skin is so oily, I'm prone to breakouts when my hormone levels get silly. I'm also a slave to clean and clear oil absorbing sheets - which is extra annoying. My sister introduced me to this Bath & Body Works Oat oil-control face moisturizer and it's absolutely wonderful! That combined with AcneFree has made my skin damn near perfect. The downer - it's discontinued. Thank goodness for ebay. I'm stocking up. LOL

Not only that, I was hanging w/ my mom and she's a fan of Fashion Fair (I never go to their counter; to me it seems as antiquated as Blackplanet) so we went by their beauty counter. I saw this Shine Eliminator they had and decided to give it a try. Wow - I don't even need the absorbing oil sheets anymore. I've found my perfect combination!!

**Sephora has an Oil-Control Mattifier w/ SPF 15 by Murad, but it's $40. Can we say overpriced? Unless my Fashion Fair fails me, I won't be trying that one out. Expensive isn't always better. Plus, my melanin serves partly as natural SPF :-P

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My costume was a hit. Everybody wanted to take pics. PAPA-PAPARAZZI!

Although I had my lace mask on, I still felt the need to incorporate the Gaga makeup with the outfit. I'm such a detailed oriented person. :-)
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For Halloween, I decided to go as Lady Gaga. Initially I was going for the traditional Gaga look:

But thought twice of it. I knew it would be a popular costume this year, so I decided to do something a little different (and crazy) - Best New Artist VMAs Lady Gaga:

Went to the store, bought some red lace, and got to work. Mind you, I'm no seamstress, but with enough determination and patience, you can do anything you set your mind to.

....and voila! About 20 hrs later (on and off of course) my creation had come to life. When I finally finished I was SO PROUD of myself :-)

What I think is most amazing is that I found a way to have no skin exposed under the lace (sans arms), while still creating the illusion. Nude colored bodysuits don't really work for ppl with brown skin so I had to get creative. This project was a SUCCESS!! 

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October 30, 2009


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October 27, 2009


Punks jump up to get beat down.
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October 25, 2009


1. State Fair food is THE best. But WTF is up w/ chocolate covered bacon and fried pepsi??
2. My family is awesome
3. I ran into several ppl from college this weekend....and it wasn't even my school's homecoming. LOL
4. - The revolution will not be televised!! My line of accessories is coming to fruition slowly, but surely!! :-)
5. 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets have changed my life. 

This sign was new to all of us...handicap crossing?
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October 21, 2009


My sister stays in the paper so much, I'm going to start calling it the Blake Gazette. Congrats to the Region 8-AAAA Champs!!!!!

Published Wednesday, October 21, 2009

After watching her last two volleys meet the net, even Blake Banner was surprised to see the ball set her way again. Mind you, Beaufort High's first outright region title since 1989 was on the line and with the Eagles locked in a 27-27 tie with Summerville in the decisive third game, an exhausted Banner knew she had no more room for error. 
So the senior hitter took a more cautious approach, punching the ball flat-footed into a hole in the Green Wave formation. And when Summerville's Elizabeth Miler drew a controversial line violation on game point, Banner and the Eagles finally could breathe easy after a roller-coaster win during Tuesday's home tri-match that included Hilton Head High.
(Read entire article here)
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fresh to some, conceited degree..." ~Drake
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Note : Last pic - not my dranks, & "I might wear black for a year straight"
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