January 13, 2009


Are some of the funniest ish ever! Seriously....I'm in my apt laughing OUT LOUD at some of this stuff. I feel it's only right for me to share some of this comedy:

alexanderdag8 (8 months ago) 
bitch you got ied's there what you know about iraq nothing im a iraq vet bitch
504TrillNigga (8 months ago) 
Ain't No Disrespect Dog! I Appreciate All Of Y'all Service Men That Went Over There & Put In Work! That being Said I'm A Project Vet Dog! I've Been To D.O.C., Sold Rocks On The Block, Caught That Led When I Was Youngster & Put In Work Back In The Day So Don't Get It Muthafuckin Twisted Dog Cuz I Will Bash Your Muthafuckin' Skull In With The Butt Of My .357!

BeyonceIsACunt (18 hours ago)

trutfully i dont think that bitch is REALLY married its a publicity stunt

homeless211 (3 months ago)

i live 15 minutes from there!

theoriginalcapout (3 days ago)
and a nigga like me will freak your ass right back until your on the dance floor in a puddle of cum!

IKeepItReal4U (3 weeks ago)
If 16 year-old lil wayne met his present self he wud be lyke... Nigga is u gay?

dlandersjr (2 weeks ago)
why did her mom say "these nuts on my chin"

....LOL! & so forth and so on. If you're ever having a bad day, just go to any random video on youtube and read the comments. I guarantee it will make your day, if not that, at least you'll be able to get a couple laughs out of it.