February 16, 2009


I'm addicted to nail polish. I own countless bottles and on any given day I'll probably have some crazy color displayed on my struggling nails (I wasn't blessed with pretty, strong, long nails - but I work with what I have). Good thing I don't work in a stuffy enviornment. I'm sure my blue and purple polish would be deemed 'unprofessional'. Sometimes I paint my nails 4 times a week. Teaches me patience. It's interesting now that it's become a fashion craze to have bright colored nails. Psshhh...I've been doing it for years. :-)

FYI: I used to get teased all the time in school for my short nails. I've learned to make the most of what I have and I do a damn good job if I say so myself. Long and/or fake nails aren't always the prettiest :-)

I also found some sites that make me feel less weird for being so obsessed with the art of painting nails. Fellow addicts: