February 24, 2009


There are several things I don't understand. Women who shave their eyebrows and draw them on, people that defend celebrities like they're related, any language other than English and the list goes on. One of these things came to my attention recently. After Kanye displayed his monstrosity of a "hairdo" (I refuse to use the term 'haircut'), I started thinking about other hairstyles I just don't get. One that came to mind is the Southside Fade. Now this might be old to people from Texas, but to me, it's a whole new world Aladdin style. To give you a detailed description courtesy of Yahoo! answers, "a south side fade is a fade which every thing is bald except the top of the head which has usually a #2 or 1 with a fade it came from texas." Like WTF? Why? Civilian on the top and military in the back? Inverse bald spot? I just don't get it. I searched high and low for a pic and came up with nothing. Ohhhhh, but I found something MUCH better. I present to you, the southside fade...with some extra glitter. EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS! YEEEE-HAW!