February 26, 2009


I was never really THAT into video games, but I did have a Nintendo, Sega and Playstation back in the day. The one game I remember bringing me great joy (besides the Lion King Game on Sega and the classic Super Mario Bros.) was Mike Tyson's Punchout. I never got past like the 3rd or 4th dude, but I enjoyed the horrible graphics, smack talk and the whole feel of the game. Looking back on it now brings a smile to my face; Not b/c I'm nostalgic, but b/c that ish was/is HILARIOUS!! OMG!

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I am literally CRACKING UP right now. These pics are just out of control. WTF? Why does the graphic Iron Mike look scarier than the real one? Why does dude look like Diana Ross' albino brother? Why do those last two look like they fell out of a UFO and nobody bothered to pick them back up? And what's up with that punk @ss crown on his head? So many questions, so little answers.