March 16, 2009


3/13 - While at the bar
Me: I like your bag.
Random YT girl (RYG): Oh's Prada.
Me: Yeah, the fairy bags are cute.
RYG: Its fake.
Me: Ohhhh... :-|. Looks good though.
RYG: I saw it in a magazine and I was like 'That is sooo cute" then I looked online and it was like $2,500 dollars and I was like that is craaaazy! So I found this site that had fake ones *tries to recall the web address* and I still spent like $100, but I really liked it so I got it
Me: Cool....

Perfect definition of TMI.

3/16 - While waiting for my food @ Burger King, an employee comes from the back to speak with me:

Employee: Let me see yo bag.
Me: :-| *while turning to the side
Employee: Where you get that from?
Me: The Gucci store in Vienna
Employee: Oh. They got the sandals to match that. I saw them at the flea market the other day. I went back to get them but they only had the little sizes. They only $40. Real cute.
Me: That's not bad.... :-\
Employee: Yeah, I think my friend got the real ones and the ones I saw at the flea market look just like em. Only $40.
Me: Cool....


Ok, so I'm not totally anti-replica b/c when it comes to bootlegging, I've seen the great, the bad and the fugly. But jeez people, why do you feel the need to tell all your business? It's superfluous! By the way, if I get fake merchandise, you can bet your first born that it WON'T be purchased from the flea market. But it's all good. I guess today IS the information age. But like they say, too much of anything is probably a BAD thing.