March 10, 2009


I'm torn right now. Let me explain. I have been a sprint customer since about 2003. I wouldn't say that I've been a completely satisfied customer, but I mean, who has? All these cell phone companies are full of Anyway, recently as a Sprint customer, I've been feeling like a step child. Seeing all these new commercials for innovative, stylish new phones has had me looking at my Treo with disdain - wanting something new. After seeing the commercials I then notice that none of them are sprint commercials. When I FINALLY see a Sprint commercial, it's in black & white, picturing the CEO walking around some cityscape talking about who knows what. Ummm...huh? What you tombout? We don't wanna see that sh1t. Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I go to the Sprint website to check out their selection of phones and am EXTREMELY disappointed. Seems like every other wireless provider has a new phone out, yet Sprint is stale and stagnant with their selection. After noticing the discrepancy, I'm ready to change carriers ASAP! Who wants an outdated phone?? As much as I hate to admit it, the iPhone is fly. I clown it on a constant basis. It freezes up and the one button it does have stops working at times; From being around people that own them it seems as if AT&T does NOT get more bars everywhere. It's so cliche, but I secretly want one. The new Blackberry Bold has my name written all over it. Are these phones by chance offered by Sprint? The survey sayssss: Hell no. Now this is where I'm torn. I don't think anybody offers better plans than Sprint. Yeah, I've had to call and almost curse somebody out, but I have a pretty good deal on a plan that I don't think I'm ready nor willing to give up. In addition to that, my whole immediate family has Sprint....and my mom likes to talk. That mobile-to-mobile is no joke! You know how many anytime minutes I used last month? 50. LMAO! Switching carriers would put a deeper whole in my pocket and I'd lose the "luxury" of talking to my family members as often as I do. I might be able to get as many minutes as my heart desires, but my high school & college student sisters won't be able to k-wang wit it if I'm not on Sprint's network. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too*. Do I leave a comfortable, cost effective, convenient network solely for the vanity of a fly new phone? Or do I ignore the taunts and glitz of the newest electronic gadgets out and stick to what I know. What's a girl to do?

*Dumbest saying ever