June 30, 2009


I've watched this over and over in awe:
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"[He] said he thinks you should date an NBA/NFL player because you're classy" -Alexis

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"I have dreams of painting pictures so vivid..."

Painting is now added to my list of hobbies. I'm an artistic junkie so my photography, music, dancing and now painting should keep me pretty busy.

Cause I'm cool like dat...
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June 28, 2009


Ye'ain know?!!?!
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On that independent shit 
Trade it all for a husband and some kids 
You ever wonder what it all really mean 
You ever wonder if you'll find your dreams
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June 27, 2009


8.29.58 – 6.25.09

The greatest entertainer in the world. Period. This man sacrificed his childhood so people all over the world could have one filled with joy and music. I just feel it's only right to post some of my memories of my experiences with Michael Jackson:

-The video for "Rock With You" put me in a trance as a young girl. To this day that is my all time favorite MJ song and when I watch the video all I can do is smile while I experience the awesomeness of nostalgia
-Gathering with my fam to watch the "Remember The Time" video. At the end I cried b/c I wanted to meet him SOOOO bad. His videos were a special event.
-Being scared as hell when the vid for Thriller came on. I could never watch the end when she runs off to the house. LOL
-Watching re-runs of 'Moonwalker' on VH1 every chance I could
-Listening to stories of my dad and mom seeing him in concert. Am I jealous?? HELL YEAH!
-The positive and REAL imagery of his videos. We don't see that sh!t no mo!! 
-Buying the 'Dangerous' tape with my own money. BALLLLIN!
-Crackin up at the "Leave Me Alone" video b/c he was genius w/ it. Him dancing with the elephant man bones...priceless. That was the original "HI HATER" (FYI - i peeped that vid today and one of the made up tabloids in the vid says "MICHAEL JACKSON FROZEN FOR 50 YEARS". Kinda spooky.
-Just the feeling I got from watching him perform. The first time I saw HIS robot...omg...in AWE. 

There are several more, but I just wanted to post a few. What's so mind boggling is how people in every country on this PLANET probably have some kind of story on how he/his music effected their life. Now THAT is a legend.

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson

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"I'm feeling like a crack addict, fresh up out the county jail, yea, i'm back at it" -Jodie Breeze

Not so much exactly...but i'm back! Like cooked crack!! There has been so much stuff I wish I had been blogging about, but it just kinda dropped off my radar. My sister's constant clowning and current events have inspired me to get back on my grizzy. So....HERE I GO! *Mystikal voice...btw: FREE MYSTIKAL!! (since nobody reps for him)
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