June 27, 2009


8.29.58 – 6.25.09

The greatest entertainer in the world. Period. This man sacrificed his childhood so people all over the world could have one filled with joy and music. I just feel it's only right to post some of my memories of my experiences with Michael Jackson:

-The video for "Rock With You" put me in a trance as a young girl. To this day that is my all time favorite MJ song and when I watch the video all I can do is smile while I experience the awesomeness of nostalgia
-Gathering with my fam to watch the "Remember The Time" video. At the end I cried b/c I wanted to meet him SOOOO bad. His videos were a special event.
-Being scared as hell when the vid for Thriller came on. I could never watch the end when she runs off to the house. LOL
-Watching re-runs of 'Moonwalker' on VH1 every chance I could
-Listening to stories of my dad and mom seeing him in concert. Am I jealous?? HELL YEAH!
-The positive and REAL imagery of his videos. We don't see that sh!t no mo!! 
-Buying the 'Dangerous' tape with my own money. BALLLLIN!
-Crackin up at the "Leave Me Alone" video b/c he was genius w/ it. Him dancing with the elephant man bones...priceless. That was the original "HI HATER" (FYI - i peeped that vid today and one of the made up tabloids in the vid says "MICHAEL JACKSON FROZEN FOR 50 YEARS". Kinda spooky.
-Just the feeling I got from watching him perform. The first time I saw HIS robot...omg...in AWE. 

There are several more, but I just wanted to post a few. What's so mind boggling is how people in every country on this PLANET probably have some kind of story on how he/his music effected their life. Now THAT is a legend.

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson