July 31, 2009


SC man charged with having sex with horse

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A South Carolina man was charged with having sex with a horse after the animal's owner caught the act on videotape, then staked out the stable and caught him at shotgun point, authorities said Wednesday.

But this wasn't the first time Rodell Vereen has been charged with buggery. He pleaded guilty last year to having sex with the same horse after owner Barbara Kenley found him in the same stable and was sentenced to probation and placed on the state's sex offender list. (click here for full article)

My poor state (literally & figuratively). As if the South Carolina governor didn't do enough to tarnish the image of the state, here comes Rodell Vereen. The man that just can't get of that animal futuristic lovin. Eff a "Chester" this fool has caused me to coin a new phrase : Hester. This is the second time [Call him deja vu (c)R.Kelly] he's been caught molesting THE SAME horse. I mean, is his love life THAT bad? Or does he just have a thing for horse @ss? I just don't understand. The turmoil this horse must be dealing with. I would encourage this horse and the owner to take Soulja Girl's lead by pressin' charges. Jesus please take the wheel and steer this man to the nearest mental health clinic please and thank you.
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July 30, 2009




"Only one percent of all goods bearing the distinctive “LV” mark are genuine Louis Vuitton goods"

Get it how you live. LOL
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"An eye for an eye, and the whole world would be blind."

"If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were."

~Kahlil Gibran
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"Storm (Remix)"

Long as I know that I'm blessed
And I love in depth
I can walk trough water and not get wet
I'm that fresssshhhhh
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July 29, 2009


It would be to be able to make a LIVING creating art (as in making money doing it; the whole "starving artist" thing isn't appealing to me nor my lifestyle). Whether it's painting, designing, makeup, etc. It is truly my passion. Luckily I'm blessed w/ a few talents, so until then I'll continue to put my technical knowledge to use. Go go gadget engineer.
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July 28, 2009


"Got so much LV/ Not even in Vegas, but they envy" ~Me, Myself and I

Unfinished...but it's sure to be outside the box. Inspired by the bag in my closet and the hood. Haha!
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"Why Don't We Fall In Love (RichCraft Remix)"

I'll rarely post new music unless it's from a lil known group b/c every other blog does that. But this is a classic feel good joint. Magni-fic!
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July 27, 2009


The title..."Kids Are Evil"

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July 26, 2009


I call em 'Sunday Afternoon' & 'Keyboard Flirt'. OW!
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"Wake Me Up"

On repeat in the whip
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July 25, 2009


someone gotta tape this...

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July 24, 2009


IDK why this show randomly popped in my head but this was my sh1t! Miss Frizzle was the orignial glowstick carrier with her exotic wardrobe and I could only wish my field trips in school were that exciting. I'm so watching this on YouTube when I get to the crib.

Watch Magic School Bus - 01 - Gets Lost In Space in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
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What a mugshot. Dude was a fugitive for 15 years after being accused for child molestation. His Popeye identity transformation failed and he was caught. Womp womp.
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July 23, 2009


Got a new style today. Long hair don't care! Today twitter and several blogs were blowing up with news that another celebrity has chopped/shaved their heads. I mean, really. I make jokes every once in awhile, but who cares? I know I change my hair like stock prices. Somebody else's hairstyle has no effect on my life whatsoever so what's the big deal? Everybody is entitled to an opinion, but some people get so obsessive over what's going on with other people that it becomes ridiculous. I truly believe that this world would be a better place if people worried more about themselves than other people. That's why I couldn't do a celebrity gossip blog. Most of the time I could care less (unless it's something hilarious).
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If you said 'Thursday', go straight to time out. Today is my mother's birthday! She's coming up to visit this weekend and I plan on treating her like the queen she is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM and remember...M.O.B! :-)
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"Lovin You"

I forgot all about this song, but while my ipod was on shuffle I was reminded instantly. Love it.
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July 22, 2009


Don't you love when you find things you forgot you had? Ice Creams, Ice Creams - 2 for a pair. Throwback!
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...on the men's equation. I'll have to pull out the IMAGINARY and MULTIPLE variables for that one. *rolling eyes
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Now that I have kickstarted this feature, I can go right into the story. There I was, back in Hartsville-Jackson Airport (ATL for the skymiles challenged) pissed b/c my flight was late which meant I missed my connection which meant I might not make it home until this next day. Womp womp. Put on my best puppy dog face and was able to score a late flight out while everyone before and after me got vouchers to the area hotels for the night. Lucky! (c)Napoleon Dynamite. Once that was settled, I determined I was hungry as hell and began the hunt for food. The closest, most convenient place I could find was Nathans Famous Hot Dogs. WTF? Wasn't to thrilled about that. As I stood in line, I noticed this guy in front of me with these huge headphones on and I felt like I had seen him before. He turned around towards me, looked and turned back around. I said to myself "I know this dude!! But....why. So he turned around a couple more times - one of which I said "You look awfully familiar". He then responds "Shiiiit...I hope I'm an old friend or sumthin." Right then I caught a glipse of these big ass tattoos that said "BRICK CITY". It then dawned on me. I told him I knew who he was, he said "who" like I was just talkin, then we just started to chat. He told me he was heading back home to Jersey and I told him I was headed home for Father's Day (Yes, this was the same trip that I ran into Chris Brown. Odd, I know). Our convo was cut short by the lady working @ Nathan's that wants to know his order. He responded loudly by tellin her he wanted 3 hot dogs. BURNT AND CRISPY. LMAO! So after that, we chat it up some more, take a pic which brought more attention than I had anticipated. The lady at the counter was like "who's that?"....while he's standing next to me. I told her who he was and you woulda thought she had a stroke. "OHHHHHH I KNEWWW YOU HAD LOOKED FAMILIAR!! YOU KNOW I WOULD TAKE A PIC TOO IF I WASN'T WORKIN!" Once her little episode was over, I placed my order, got my food - he then gave me his number & told me to call him sometime whenever I come to that side or to find out when he's having a show in my area then he went about his business. I wish I remembered more of the convo, but I have to say, he is a real funny dude. Not 3 seconds after he walks away this 40+ yr old white woman comes up to me and asks, "Excuse me...who was that?" I knew she would have no clue if I told her his name so I said "Oh, he's a rapper". To my surprise she responds "Oh, ok. What's his name?" Hahaha! I think it's safe to assume she wanted to go home and tell her kids she saw Redman (you know if she said a rapper they would've asked her who) in the airport although she didn't know who the hell he was. Mom was trying to get cool pts. You go girl! Anyway, he made my trip from hell more pleasant with the laughs, but I ended up losing all my numbers his included. Damn Treo...I could've had a cameo on the new album or at least that in that FLY Adidas commercial
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In a previous post I talked a little about doing something makeup related. Haven't really figured out how I'm going to do it, so now I'm just playing around with ideas. I also made a video that I might post later. Anywho...
I'm pretty obsessed with makeup and I like to play around with colors, ideas, etc. To achieve the look above I used:

MAC Plum Dressing (Inner eye)
MAC Restrospeck (Highlight/under brow)
Milani Blue Ice (Outer eye/crease)
Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara
Sephora (16) blue eye pencil (water line)
L'oreal HIP black eyeliner (top lid)

MAC Magenta lip pencil
MAC Viva Glam VI lipglass

.....voila! Btw, i'll use my real camera next time. Photobooth is just so convenient.
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July 21, 2009


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....like a cop cah

WTH is he wearing? Who picked that out and why? Whoever did should be apologizing to him.

Go to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
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July 20, 2009


“They treat me like I’m still a crackhead” ~Frankie F. Baby

I wonder, why??
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147 miles; 9 people in the car; 3 kids in the trunk. WTH? I was informed that one of these people is employed by my company. Ay Dios Mio!
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Every now and then I have a certain accessory, shoe, or article of clothing that is my absolute fav at the time. Right now, it is my vintage YSL sunglasses. I LOVE them not only b/c they're fly, but b/c I know not many people can say they own these. If you'd like to jock a variation of my steelo, they are available here for $320.

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As you've seen (or not), anything art related is a big part of me. I figured I'd start doing fun makeup posts since I'm always playing around with random ideas. I put myself on a makeup ban awhile ago, but I think it's time for that ban to be removed. MAC and Sephora here I come! :-)
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July 19, 2009


Ahh, Sunday. It is one of those days where you just relax, eat/cook good food and browse through random channels although there is never anything good on. Today I've just been chillin as usual except for the pit stop to Wal-Mart. While in Wal-Mart, I cut through the kids aisle to get elsewhere and it sparked a random thought. Several people throughout life have told me I look like: a)Mickey or Minnie Mouse b)some other Disney Character. Crazy, huh? IDK - Must be the widow's peak. Must be why I'm so....animated.
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July 18, 2009


Today after getting a pedicure, I wanted to do something different to my nails. Really different - so I didn't attempt to explain it to one of the females at the nail salon because, hey, I can do it myself. Anyway, I was googling "nails" and the picture above came up. It's so random, so interesting...so ME. I decided to do something like it, but with my personal touch of course. The final result:

I call this "indecisive" :-)

☮ & ♥

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YAYYY! My 'Thriller' jacket came in the mail today. I'm a little disappointed though. I know it's vintage, but the small (it looks like paint) stain on the front is really bothering me. Half of me wants to sell it back, but really...how often will I be wearing this? For a 1983 jacket it's in damn good condition. A day I WILL be wearing this - August 29th. MJ's birthday!!
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Years ago I used to spend summers with family and during these summers, we'd pretty much spend all day watching TV. American Gladiators was one of the shows we watched ALL THE TIME. This morning while I was working out (I hate it), I was shuffling through the channels. Lo and behold, on ESPN Classic, they're showing good ol' American Gladiators. The great feeling of nostalgia did not help me get through my workout, but I enjoyed watching the show and the classic late 80s/early 90s graphics. No re-make can top the originial. Check out the clip. JAZZ HANDS!
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July 17, 2009


It's Friday (and I'm ready to swiiiiiiing)! Yesssssssss!

FYI - Now when I say "Happy Ashanti Face" you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. "[She's] so, happy.....baby" *rolling eyes
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Don't cry for me Argentina...

Now this sh1t right here?! This REALLY makes me mad. The wack ass governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford (the guy that disappeared only to return and get exposed for committing adultery abroad), is now being investigated for how he spent the state's money. This is the SAME fool that tried to refuse millions in federal stimulus money for schools/roads/etc saying "it [was] an unwise use of taxpayer funds". OH RLY!? Soooooo is flying first class to see your sideline hoe a wise use of the money? I vote no. If anybody knows at least one thing about SC, it's probably that the school systems suck and they need all the help they can get. They are holding hearings to determine if he really spent state money on his trysts, but I already know the answer to that. No hearing needed.

"I reckon* he's a hypocrite," the [State Senate Minority Leader John Land] said. "He goes before the Christian right and professes to be one thing and yet his conduct is something else. He goes before the people of the state and talks about his fiscal conservatism. But yet when you see him in action, he's going first class and spending the state taxpayers' money."

Let the church say Amen.

*Dead @ "I reckon". That's that South Cack dialect at its finest.

P.S. Between Miss Teen SC USA and this dude, the state might as well dig a hole. They're making it hard for me to continue to claim my home state. A damn shame.

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I'd like to think of the left ring finger as an abstract painting in the midst of monotony. Let me be great grand! It's interesting how bright/different nails are becoming the new 'thing'. Pshhhh - I been on that tip. "Check the credits, hoe" -Keri Hilson [FYI: not a fan]
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July 16, 2009


Just as a preface, back in the day when I was traveling heavy and living the life of a D- socialite, I ran across 'celebs' quite often. Some interactions were very brief (i.e Diddy's bodyguard almost trampling me while escorting him by) and some have been actual conversations. This instance was a short, yet interactive convo. After getting off an early flight for a small layover, I was walking to my gate and noticed somebody faintly familiar sitting down towards the right. Slowing down to see if this was actually someone I knew, I noticed that it was a 'celeb' (used loosely); none other than Chris Brown. Apparently the big guy dressed in all black didn't raise a flag for me. Knowing that my youngest sister would be geeked, I called her while I walked over hoping maybe I could get him to sing "Yo" to her or something (LMAO - not so much). It was early and she was asleep so that plan fell by the wayside. Anyway, I approached the two, shook Mr. Brown's hand while he was very into his laptop. His bodyguard turned to me and said "Yo, he's doing homework", then laughed and said he was just kidding. WTF? Anyway, I sat down, chatted w/ him and his bodyguard about where they're going, where i'm coming from, etc - took a pic, then the bodyguard said to me "You didn't even wish me a Happy Father's Day". Ummm...huh? I don't even know you! So of course I proceed to wish him a Happy Fathers Day, and he tells me that he's sad I didn't at first, blah blah blah. Whatever dude. Chris then says "She got eyes like [insert girls name here]". Of couse I'm like WHOOOOO DA F--K IT THAAAAT? He informs me that it's one of his background dancers and stresses even more how similar our eyes are. Um, yeah, I'll take that as a compliment, thx. Then comes the doozy. I guess the bodyguard felt like he wasn't in on the convo like he should've been b/c this fool interjected with, "You know who she looks like?? *pause* Jennifer Hudson!" RING THE ALARM! No shade to Jennifer, but we DO NOT look ANYTHING alike. Chris has a blank stare and says nothing, and I'm like "Uhhhhh, nah...I don't see it. AT ALL". His reply: Well, you know, a little in the face. That's a compliment, she's doin her thang you know?! :-\. FAIL WHALE. After an awkward silence, I remembered I did have a plane to catch so I said my farewells, wished them a safe flight and went about my business.  The interesting thing is that there were several ppl sitting around that didn't know who the hell he was and were trying to desperately figure out what was going on. Anyway, after actually conversing with him, I don't have anything bad to say. Seemed like a pleasant guy who can hold a pretty good convo while talking out the side of his mouth. But then again, I never tried to read his text messages.....GIMME DAT! 

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I've met some folks in my day and can recall several instances that are pretty entertaining. I think I'll do a little feature where I'll share some stories. Some might remain nameless....
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He found out it wasnt his!? I aint sayin' she a golddigger...

Apparently a man was thrown in jail for not paying child support. The problem is this dude has no kids. How can it be? Well, a DNA test proved that Frank Hatley was not the father of a child he was paying child support on for 13 YEARS. I repeat, 13 YEARS. Read for yourself (via CNN):

Frank Hatley spent the past year in jail for being a deadbeat dad. But there's one problem -- Hatley doesn't have any children. And the "deadbeat" label doesn't fit the 50-year-old either, his supporters say.
For 13 years, Hatley made payments to the state until learning, in 2000, that the boy might not be his biological son. A DNA test that year confirmed that there was no chance he was the father, according to court documents. Hatley returned to court and was relieved of any future child support reimbursement but was ordered to pay more than $16,000 that he had owed the state before the ruling [wtf?! -K].
After a hearing, Hatley was released from the Cook County Jail in south Georgia Wednesday afternoon, with the help of the Southern Center for Human Rights.

Oh boy! *Jazzy Pha voice. Her plan got a big FAIL when a) she was exposed & b) she discovered the hard way he didn't have much gold TO dig. The fact that he ended up in jail over this f--kery is wild. In the words of Prince - SCANDALOUS!! I would suggest he post an ad on craigslist for probono representation and take that hoe to court. IT'S TIME TO GO TO TRIAL, IT'S TIME TO GO TO TRIAL!
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LV is beyond whored out by celebs and bootleggers alike, but I just can't get enough. I think I might make a trip to the boutique next week. SMH
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July 15, 2009


How ya like me now? New design. I'm all the way live!
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What's with the plane crashes?! Today, shortly after take off, an Iranian plane crashed into a field killing all passengers on board. I don't fly like I used to, but this has me a little shook. First the Air France plane crash in the Atlantic, then the Yemenia flight that crashed in the seas off the Comoros, now this one. Not cool AT ALL. Condolences to the victims families :-(.
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July 14, 2009


I'm a big fan of unique, yet realistic stuff. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, whatev. I'm also a big fan of watches. I haven't really ventured outside of g-shock (except for that Nooka watch I ordered that was STOLEN!!! GRRR!), but I think it's time to expand my horizons. After aimlessly browsing the internet, I ran across Nixon watches. I want one...or some! They're fly and they stand out. Right up my alley! :-). Now I just have to pick....
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