July 17, 2009


Don't cry for me Argentina...

Now this sh1t right here?! This REALLY makes me mad. The wack ass governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford (the guy that disappeared only to return and get exposed for committing adultery abroad), is now being investigated for how he spent the state's money. This is the SAME fool that tried to refuse millions in federal stimulus money for schools/roads/etc saying "it [was] an unwise use of taxpayer funds". OH RLY!? Soooooo is flying first class to see your sideline hoe a wise use of the money? I vote no. If anybody knows at least one thing about SC, it's probably that the school systems suck and they need all the help they can get. They are holding hearings to determine if he really spent state money on his trysts, but I already know the answer to that. No hearing needed.

"I reckon* he's a hypocrite," the [State Senate Minority Leader John Land] said. "He goes before the Christian right and professes to be one thing and yet his conduct is something else. He goes before the people of the state and talks about his fiscal conservatism. But yet when you see him in action, he's going first class and spending the state taxpayers' money."

Let the church say Amen.

*Dead @ "I reckon". That's that South Cack dialect at its finest.

P.S. Between Miss Teen SC USA and this dude, the state might as well dig a hole. They're making it hard for me to continue to claim my home state. A damn shame.