July 14, 2009


Last night I had a very weird dream that left me wondering if my brain is on drugs w/o my knowledge. It took place in a movie theater/lecture hall - don't quite remember. Anyway, I was sitting in my seat minding my business and I hear two people arguing pretty far behind me. I didn't pay it any attention, but then I noticed it was one of the guys I work with. So, being nosy, I tried to figure out what was going on. Next thing I know, him and the guy he was arguing with are standing up. Somebody pushes somebody, punches start being thrown, next thing a gun gets pulled out. The other guy proceeds to shoot the guy I work with several times. Im sitting in my chair like 'WTF!?!' so I dive under my seat. As I'm laying on the floor, apparently someone else pulls a gun out because there proceeds to be a gun battle. As this is transpiring, 2 shell casings fall by face and I'm PRAYING I don't get shot. I didn't just wake up from that dream I jumped up - confused as hell. LOL! That's all I remember from it, but how crazy is that? The mind works in mysterious ways. Oh, and I watch too much CSI/Cold Case Files/First 48.


W.B. said...

hi i'm italian.. it's really unwilling that i see your pretty blog... I don't know you, but i like you very much.. you are so sexy..
so, in dreams, i think you are fearing something in your life like to be in the middle of a choiche that is to be in the "theatre" (try to be someone, star-like) or been shot down by your normal life context (the guy you work with). maybe you are trying to hide your self to this but you fear it would comes to take you the same.. and you don't like it.
i repeat, i don't know nothing about you, but i'm very interested in dreams interpretation.
many kisses from italy

August 20, 2009 at 10:50 AM