July 16, 2009


Just as a preface, back in the day when I was traveling heavy and living the life of a D- socialite, I ran across 'celebs' quite often. Some interactions were very brief (i.e Diddy's bodyguard almost trampling me while escorting him by) and some have been actual conversations. This instance was a short, yet interactive convo. After getting off an early flight for a small layover, I was walking to my gate and noticed somebody faintly familiar sitting down towards the right. Slowing down to see if this was actually someone I knew, I noticed that it was a 'celeb' (used loosely); none other than Chris Brown. Apparently the big guy dressed in all black didn't raise a flag for me. Knowing that my youngest sister would be geeked, I called her while I walked over hoping maybe I could get him to sing "Yo" to her or something (LMAO - not so much). It was early and she was asleep so that plan fell by the wayside. Anyway, I approached the two, shook Mr. Brown's hand while he was very into his laptop. His bodyguard turned to me and said "Yo, he's doing homework", then laughed and said he was just kidding. WTF? Anyway, I sat down, chatted w/ him and his bodyguard about where they're going, where i'm coming from, etc - took a pic, then the bodyguard said to me "You didn't even wish me a Happy Father's Day". Ummm...huh? I don't even know you! So of course I proceed to wish him a Happy Fathers Day, and he tells me that he's sad I didn't at first, blah blah blah. Whatever dude. Chris then says "She got eyes like [insert girls name here]". Of couse I'm like WHOOOOO DA F--K IT THAAAAT? He informs me that it's one of his background dancers and stresses even more how similar our eyes are. Um, yeah, I'll take that as a compliment, thx. Then comes the doozy. I guess the bodyguard felt like he wasn't in on the convo like he should've been b/c this fool interjected with, "You know who she looks like?? *pause* Jennifer Hudson!" RING THE ALARM! No shade to Jennifer, but we DO NOT look ANYTHING alike. Chris has a blank stare and says nothing, and I'm like "Uhhhhh, nah...I don't see it. AT ALL". His reply: Well, you know, a little in the face. That's a compliment, she's doin her thang you know?! :-\. FAIL WHALE. After an awkward silence, I remembered I did have a plane to catch so I said my farewells, wished them a safe flight and went about my business.  The interesting thing is that there were several ppl sitting around that didn't know who the hell he was and were trying to desperately figure out what was going on. Anyway, after actually conversing with him, I don't have anything bad to say. Seemed like a pleasant guy who can hold a pretty good convo while talking out the side of his mouth. But then again, I never tried to read his text messages.....GIMME DAT!