July 22, 2009


Now that I have kickstarted this feature, I can go right into the story. There I was, back in Hartsville-Jackson Airport (ATL for the skymiles challenged) pissed b/c my flight was late which meant I missed my connection which meant I might not make it home until this next day. Womp womp. Put on my best puppy dog face and was able to score a late flight out while everyone before and after me got vouchers to the area hotels for the night. Lucky! (c)Napoleon Dynamite. Once that was settled, I determined I was hungry as hell and began the hunt for food. The closest, most convenient place I could find was Nathans Famous Hot Dogs. WTF? Wasn't to thrilled about that. As I stood in line, I noticed this guy in front of me with these huge headphones on and I felt like I had seen him before. He turned around towards me, looked and turned back around. I said to myself "I know this dude!! But....why. So he turned around a couple more times - one of which I said "You look awfully familiar". He then responds "Shiiiit...I hope I'm an old friend or sumthin." Right then I caught a glipse of these big ass tattoos that said "BRICK CITY". It then dawned on me. I told him I knew who he was, he said "who" like I was just talkin, then we just started to chat. He told me he was heading back home to Jersey and I told him I was headed home for Father's Day (Yes, this was the same trip that I ran into Chris Brown. Odd, I know). Our convo was cut short by the lady working @ Nathan's that wants to know his order. He responded loudly by tellin her he wanted 3 hot dogs. BURNT AND CRISPY. LMAO! So after that, we chat it up some more, take a pic which brought more attention than I had anticipated. The lady at the counter was like "who's that?"....while he's standing next to me. I told her who he was and you woulda thought she had a stroke. "OHHHHHH I KNEWWW YOU HAD LOOKED FAMILIAR!! YOU KNOW I WOULD TAKE A PIC TOO IF I WASN'T WORKIN!" Once her little episode was over, I placed my order, got my food - he then gave me his number & told me to call him sometime whenever I come to that side or to find out when he's having a show in my area then he went about his business. I wish I remembered more of the convo, but I have to say, he is a real funny dude. Not 3 seconds after he walks away this 40+ yr old white woman comes up to me and asks, "Excuse me...who was that?" I knew she would have no clue if I told her his name so I said "Oh, he's a rapper". To my surprise she responds "Oh, ok. What's his name?" Hahaha! I think it's safe to assume she wanted to go home and tell her kids she saw Redman (you know if she said a rapper they would've asked her who) in the airport although she didn't know who the hell he was. Mom was trying to get cool pts. You go girl! Anyway, he made my trip from hell more pleasant with the laughs, but I ended up losing all my numbers his included. Damn Treo...I could've had a cameo on the new album or at least that in that FLY Adidas commercial