August 28, 2009


Naked Man Hijacks Bus Carrying Students

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- An angry, naked man commandeered a school bus full of teenage students Thursday in Atlanta, police said. The man drove the bus for less than a mile before a student confronted him and the bus crashed into a wall off the road, according to police. The incident started Thursday afternoon when the bus stopped to let students out, said Atlanta police officer James Polite. Arris Pitmon, 23, darted toward the bus and hoisted himself in through an open window, Polite said. Pitmon took control of the bus as the frightened driver ran to the back of it, the officer said. While the bus was moving, the man abandoned the steering wheel and walked toward the back of the bus, Polite added. A student then ran toward the steering wheel, prompting the man to fight the student. The unmanned bus continued until it left the roadway and crashed.Students fled the bus, many using the back door emergency exit, and onlookers subdued the man until police arrived. (Read the rest here)

WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?!?!! As if Atlanta needs news like this. Between Real Housewives of Atlanta (Broke Broads of Bankhead), Tiny & Toya, Frankie & Neffie, club pics and this - I have no words. Atlanta is exuding pure, unadulterated f--kery. But hey, guess the wheels of the bus go round and round. A-T-L hoe!