August 26, 2009


After recently returning to Facebook, I became reacquainted with Honesty Box. If you're not familiar, it's a way for people to tell you whatever they think about you (good, bad or indifferent) anonymously. When it first rolled out, it was pretty popular. Now most people have the "Eff that. They better say it to my face" mentality. I think it's hilarious b/c people tend to say very crazy, no holds barred statements. Most of my responses have been straight comedy and after reading over them a couple days ago, I figured I'd share a few with the masses. I'm so personal! Oh, if whoever wrote some of these things is reading this, just know I've been entertained.

1. "Would u be offended if I liked it so much I would splurge and put an onion ring on it? Every kiss begins with BK."
2. "Weird, sexy and funny... that's all I can say without digging into my id and offending you... LOL"
3. "Girl, you soo fine...I drink yo piss!!!!!"
4. "You're very sexy. The problem is you are aware of it, and probably have your bar set so high that brother would have to be Nelson Madela combined with Shemar Moore to have a chance. Its a shame I'm Malcom X combined with Morris Chestnut. A guy can only hope.... hopefully u have a sister whose bar is set just a lil lower."
5. "Has changed a lot since high school!"
6. "If yung berg saw you he wouldn't have said what he said about ladies with a darker skin tone. u da besttttt"

Gotta love it. LOL