August 18, 2009


I've always been the type of person who comes up with ideas for specific things, whether it be clothing, artwork, room layouts, etc. This makes life a little difficult b/c very rarely do I find anything in stores to match the images in my head. When it comes to clothing and I do find something close enough, thousands of other people will have the same thing. That bothers me. Wearing the same dress/outfit as someone else on the same night is probably, in my opinion, a defining fail whale moment. So I got to thinking. I spend most of my money on accessories, shoes, etc and that's not going to change. My actual clothing is another story. Maybe I should join the DIY club. I've dabbled in a couple things, but haven't really done anything too seriously. I'm also one of those people that believes you can do anything if you put enough effort into it. I stopped by the fabric store today....this should be interesting. BTW, it'll be hilarious if my first creation is hideous.

Go go gadget seamstress.