October 1, 2009


If you didn't know, I am a huge American Apparel fan. Recently they started selling Bag-O-Scraps. Hey, why not make money off leftovers. Usually I would roll my eyes at a company doing this, but they have some of my fav patterns so I had to buy. I consider myself pretty original and unique so I figured I could make something out of whatever I got. So far....

I've created a necklace and a crop top. Now fall is not the ideal time to sport a crop top, but I can always throw it over something. The necklace I LOVE. It's a braided hot pink necklace. When I say hot pink, I mean BRIGHT.


I'm just getting started as I have PLENTY scraps left. I might just order another bag just to see what randomness I get. Yayyyyyy! LOL