October 7, 2009


Houston, I have a problem. Hey, at least its not a drug addiction. Oh, and the day I go broke buying make-up will be the day I volunteer for a straight jacket. Anywhoooo....I proudly present the newest members to my massive makeup collection:

Pink Opal
I saw how someone incorporated this into a lipstick and I was sold. I'm already a big fan of pigments, my only issue is the price. Although you get 7.5g, $19 is a bit steep. They last forever that's why I've decided to only buy colors in pigments from MAC that I can use for pretty much everything. This is one of them. I'm actually wearing it as a highlighter under my brow today. Awesome.

Show Orchid
Wow. Now this is bright. I've always been a big fan of color so for me this is creme de la creme. I'll probably tone it down a bit with other colors if need be, but this is probably the brightest pink I've seen. Oh, I will be wearing it this fall. Go hard or go home. :-)

This was a last minute pick for me. My main reason for going to the MAC store was actually to purchase a purple lipstick which they didn't have in stock. Ok, on to the next one! I tried on a very dark color (Cyber) and although it was purple, it reminded me more of black. Not exactly what I was looking for. For some reason Rebel stood out to me and I tried it on. Although it wasn't purple, it had potential lol. Since I'm a firm believer of making something out of nothing, I figured I'd pick it up and work with it. I'm glad I did (post comin later on that :-P)

Extra Amps Dazzleglass
This was an impulse by b/c I am a sucker for shiny things. The dazzleglasses sparkle like nobodys business and they look extra fly over lipstick/lipglasses. Next dazzleglass purchase - baby sparks.

*edited to add:

Oh boy! *jazze pha voice. The End.