November 2, 2009


I don't know where this fetish came from. I'm not even a hat person [I love to see guys in fitteds though :-)], but I've found myself wanting to buy a couple - And I mean a couple literally. I know I'm not going to wear hats often, so no need to buy several. I bought the classic Yankees hat the other day (shout out to Jay), but I want one more. These 2 have caught my eye. So cute! Fitteds with a girly touch - right up my alley! Decisions, decisions.

*Edited to add - The valentine's hat is no longer available. Came out Valentines day as a limited edition. WTF Frowney Face.

*Edited again...My sis voted for the valentine's hat and I'm extremely partial to that one. I think I found one in my size! LOL Smiley Face!