November 1, 2009


For Halloween, I decided to go as Lady Gaga. Initially I was going for the traditional Gaga look:

But thought twice of it. I knew it would be a popular costume this year, so I decided to do something a little different (and crazy) - Best New Artist VMAs Lady Gaga:

Went to the store, bought some red lace, and got to work. Mind you, I'm no seamstress, but with enough determination and patience, you can do anything you set your mind to.

....and voila! About 20 hrs later (on and off of course) my creation had come to life. When I finally finished I was SO PROUD of myself :-)

What I think is most amazing is that I found a way to have no skin exposed under the lace (sans arms), while still creating the illusion. Nude colored bodysuits don't really work for ppl with brown skin so I had to get creative. This project was a SUCCESS!!