November 12, 2009


My line of jewelry/accessories is shaping up! I'm so inspired by all the designers doing big things right now - just a little frustrated. When you have great ideas and a vision, you want it to happen ASAP. But the truth is, the process takes time. It's very frustrating because it seems like it's all moving so slow. Slowly, but surely. It's also a challenge because I'm a one woman show. I'm my own web designer, jewelry designer, photographer, buyer and accountant. Plus I have a full-time gig. Difficult takes a day, impossible takes (a couple of) week(s). The pic above shows two of my fav rings I've done so far. The Disco Inferno and Space Age rings. I'm sure you've seen 3 finger rings before, but I'm really trying to do something different. Just a couple facts about the line I'll share:

-My mind is all over the place, there will be all kinds of crazy unique accessories available for those bold enough to wear them. You'll see a mix of swarovski, cz, mirror, natural crystals & pearls, ammunition, chains, studs, legos, etc. I'm so down to Mars..
-I was inspired to start this a while ago, but the day it clicked I was in the mall and in less than 2 hours I recieved 4 compliments/inquiries on a pair of earrings I created. If people like it, they'll buy it....right? lol
-The accessories will all be named after songs, movies, quotes and/or events. I always say I can narrate my life through song titles/lyrics - I can do the same w/ my line :-). There will also be a lot of humor - that's just my personality. Ask any of my friends...I'm a wild and crazy kid.
-I'll probably (if time allows) add new items pretty often. I'm only limited by my imagination
-Some pieces are limited b/c some materials are rare and/or difficult to obtain (i.e. that rock on my finger like a tumor)

Anyway, I'm pretty geeked up about launching this in 2010 (no exact date set yet). Times like this I wish I lived in New York or L.A *sigh. I hope people enjoy and I hope people are ready. Hell, my mama likes it.

Yours Truly,