November 1, 2009


I've been looking for my perfect skin care regimen for awhile now, but could never find anything that worked for my oily skin. Since my skin is so oily, I'm prone to breakouts when my hormone levels get silly. I'm also a slave to clean and clear oil absorbing sheets - which is extra annoying. My sister introduced me to this Bath & Body Works Oat oil-control face moisturizer and it's absolutely wonderful! That combined with AcneFree has made my skin damn near perfect. The downer - it's discontinued. Thank goodness for ebay. I'm stocking up. LOL

Not only that, I was hanging w/ my mom and she's a fan of Fashion Fair (I never go to their counter; to me it seems as antiquated as Blackplanet) so we went by their beauty counter. I saw this Shine Eliminator they had and decided to give it a try. Wow - I don't even need the absorbing oil sheets anymore. I've found my perfect combination!!

**Sephora has an Oil-Control Mattifier w/ SPF 15 by Murad, but it's $40. Can we say overpriced? Unless my Fashion Fair fails me, I won't be trying that one out. Expensive isn't always better. Plus, my melanin serves partly as natural SPF :-P